Index - Aims and Objectives of Béaloideas Chiarraí / Kerry Folklore Committee.

History of the Committee - A brief outline of the history and progress of the work of Béaloideas Chiarraí / Kerry Folklore Committee.  

Publications - A description of the publications published by Béaloideas Chiarraí / Kerry Folklore Committee.

County Kerry - A brief geographical description of County Kerry.

Contact Us - Contact Information for Béaloideas Chiarraí / Kerry Folklore Committee.

Archive - Extracts from archive and published material collected by Béaloideas / Kerry Folklore Committee. Subjects covered include Love and Marriage, Religion, Social Life, Children and Agriculture.

Events - Community Folklore Recording Conference to be held on Muckross Traditional Farms, Killarney, Co. Kerry, 24 September 2009.

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