Above: Stage players, Castlegregory, 1964.                        Musician, probably 1940s                                   The debate, probably 1940s. 

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Aim: To record the Oral History, Folklore and Customs of the People of Kerry, for the People of Kerry. 



      To record the Life Experiences and Memories of our People.

      To enable their hidden voices to be recorded as part of our History.

      To preserve these Histories for the future so that we may enjoy

                          a better understanding of our Past. 


Folklore involves the study of Life, in both the Past and in the Present. A small Folklore Committee was formed, in 2005, to consider how best to record the Oral History, Folklore and Customs of County Kerry.  From that small beginning, an archive of recorded material has now been compiled and two volumes of personal memories and recollections have already been collated.    

Everybody has a story to tell. It may be a story of youth, toil and hardship, love, adventure or emigration. It may be the life-story of a housewife, farmer, teacher or a member of a religious community. Individual stories may recall trips to local fairs, the cinema, dance-hall days, or important sporting events and sporting heroes. Each and every story is important. Our archive and publications document the lives of people that are often under-represented and undocumented in written histories. 


Images are courtesy of the Trustees of Muckross House (Killarney) Ltd.  Muckross Research Library.com   Killarney, Co. Kerry.



Above: Puck Fair, Killorglin, 1950s.

Everyone can look backwards in time, into their own individual pasts. By recording and preserving the memories and recollections of ordinary people we can ensure that their voices will be heard in the future. 


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